agricultural commodities

We specialize in exporting Ethiopian agriculture products including Pulses, Spices, Cereals and Oil seeds.


oil seed

• Sesame Seeds • Castor Seeds • Rape Seeds • Ethiopian Mustard • Sunflower Seeds & • Peanut

pulses & Cereals

• Mung Beans • Lentils • Chick Pea • Faba/Horse/Broad Beans • Pea Beans • Soya Beans • White Lupine • Grass Pea and • Kidney/Harricot Beans.


• Turmeric • Ginger • Black Cumin • Coriander and • Black Pepper

coffee beans

Yirgachaffee • Harar • Sidama • Limmu • jimma • Tepi Bebeka • Lekempt

non gmo

We deliver you a non GMO verified agricultural produce from Ethiopia.They meet international standards and are organic by default.

Well harvested

We make sure all the harvest processes and procedures are done in the right way to deliver you the highest quality farm products.


All our products are packaged in a modified atmosphere, preserving the freshness and quality of the products with necessary information details.

well processed

We have a fully automated machine to clean,wash,sort, grade and package our agricultural produce to fit your purpose.We deliver you with high quality produce..


Our portfolio of products are focused on you, Your satisfaction is our priority.We always make sure our products both satisfy your needs and provide the bestyou value.


We accommodate your every need with our diverse products ranging from imported and export items through to various manufactured items.

To keep our clients satisfied we have managed to put an efficient chain of production, processing and exportation

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